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A Hallmark for Excellence

Richards & West Showroom

Since 1982, Richards & West has crafted fine jewelry to create exquisite pieces that blend a rich heritage of craftsmanship with a hallmark for excellence.

The history of Richards & West goes back to John Richard Keim. His gift and passion for the art of fine jewelry making and design established him as a master jeweler. As a young man, John devoted his skill and talent to creating a designer line of men’s and women’s jewelry, as well as elegant one of a kind fine custom pieces for both jewelry stores and individual clients. With hard work and patience his business flourished as he gained a reputation for his extraordinary abilities and craftsmanship.

Over the years, Richards & West has melded the past and the present into magnificent timeless hand crafted pieces, created remarkably detailed and exquisite new looks for its own store and crafted fine jewelry pieces for other highly regarded and renowned jewelers.

Built on an uncompromising passion for artisanship, Richards & West’s skilled in-house talent is renowned for their creativity and meticulous attention to detail. In pursuit of excellence, master jewelers use old world skills and modern means to transform precious metals and gems into unique and exquisite designs of the highest quality.

Today Richards & West continues its mission of hand crafting fine jewelry in its own workshop, from elegantly simple to highly decorative designs in precious metals and fine gemstones. Their work continues to be an icon for exceptional quality, innovative style and exemplary service. With passion, dedication and a constant pursuit of excellence, they strive to enrich the lives of their customers with distinctive matchless pieces of beauty to be treasured for generations to come.